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1st Jan 2022

UFI Software version

Mirror Link Setup File: GDrive | Mega | Mediafire
Mirror Link ISP UFS Pictures File*: GDrive | Mega | Mediafire

    • UFI UFS ToolBox for UFI-UFS Prog release Update.
    • General changes:
    • BUGFIX: Revised Dark Mode UI support
    • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
    • eMMC ToolBox changes:
    • ADD: Special Task in Programming Tab
    • - Update eMMC5x Firmware
    • Firmware update method for all eMMC 5.x
    • - Secure Wipe(TRIM, Sanitize)
    • - [moviNAND] eMMC Full Reset (Reset RPMB, ECC error, Factory Reset)
    • - [moviNAND] Force boot mode (erase firmware)
    • ADD: BOOT_SIZE entry on EMMC PARTITIONING tab (For Micron eMMC)
    • BUGFIX: Revised eMMC Fw routine
    • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
    • UFS ToolBox changes:
    • Requires UFI UFS-PROG with firmware version 01.34
    • Basic features:
    • To work with UFS ToolBox, UFI Box is required for security
    • UFS ToolBox license for UFI Box need to be activated once
    • Activation process requires UFI UFS-PROG to be connected together with UFI Box
    • Support LS(PWM Gear 1-4) and HS Gear 1-3B
    • Currently support up-to UFS2.2
    • Direct(ISP) method work in PWM Gear 1-4
    • Support for UFS CONFIGURATION (Provisioning)
    • Basic Wipe, Erase, Read and Write LUN and user partition
    • ADD: UFS ToolBox activation routine
    • ADD: UFI UFS-PROG Firmware update routine
    • ADD: Special Task (Partially implemented)
    • ADD: Raw LUN and User partition function implemented in PROGRAMMING tab
    • ADD: FACTORY IMAGE functions revised to work with UFS device
    • Android ToolBox changes:
    • ADD: Recent model selection
    • ADD: Model list sort improved
    • BUGFIX: Improved bypass security routine for MediaTek
    • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


      28th Oct 2017

      UFI Software v. Download Link

      • Support changes:
      • ADD: Over 5.4TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers 
      • ADD: Revised support files core system
      • ADD: Revised built-in download manager with resume and queue support
      • ADD: Download limitation on each users(10 GiB or 20 files a day)
      • eMMC ToolBox changes:
      • ADD: Verify for User Partition
      • Used to verify data from the specific partition of eMMC againts data from file
      • ADD: Sector 0 verify for NAND Test function
      • BUGFIX: PIT file handling bug fixed on Factory image tab
      • BUGFIX: Workaround for FFU causing eMMC dead to moviNAND with VHX0 controller(KMVTU)
      • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
      • Android ToolBox changes:
      • ADD: Disable MI Cloud Services
      • This function will patch firmware version 8.0 and below(on the fly) while flashing
      • Works on both Qualcomm and MediaTek platform
      • BUGFIX: UFI Box and UFI Dongle can now work simultaneously 
      • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
      • [MediaTek tab]
      • ADD: Meizu SLA Auth support
      • Meizu Mediatek Devices will work just like other Mediatek Devices in general(requires internet connection) 
      • ADD: Automated [Coolpad] Exit Factory Mode on firehose flashing procedure
      • [Qualcomm tab] 
      • ADD: Support for Official LGE TOT Firmware extraction 
      • ADD: Automated General CDT handling for Other Qualcomm devices(Lenovo) on firehose flashing procedure
      • BUGFIX: Oppo Qualcomm OFP extraction bug fixed
      • BUGFIX: Revised DA handling for MT6750,MT6755(Helio P10),MT6757(Helio P20),MT6795(Helio X10),MT6797(Helio X20) 
      • BUGFIX: Revised [Oppo] Exit Fastboot Mode, now it should work on any known firmware variants


      30th July 2017 

      • eMMC ToolBox changes: 
      • ADD: Auto listing brand from "Android ToolBox" firmware directory on Factory Image tab
      • ADD: Custom Ext_CSD preset 
      • You can create your own ext_csd custom preset file, see example.txt in Drive:\UFI\emmc\def\Config
      • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
      • Android ToolBox changes: 
      • [MediaTek tab]
      • ADD: Storage type selection 
      • ADD: Bypass security moved to Special Task
      • [Qualcomm tab] 
      • ADD: UFS provisioning support for Qualcomm based devices 
      • New "blank" UFS memory should be configured so the flashing procedure can be done. 
      • Provisioning task will configure new UFS chip according to device partitions layout. 
      • Provisioning UFS is a irrecoverable ONE time operation so make sure to select correct "provisioning xml" 
      • ADD: "Show All Partition" option 
      • ADD: Partial flashing support from userarea binary 
      • ADD: Full erase before flash option
      • ADD: Firmware and partitions validation when loading rawprogram xml
      • ADD: Automated [Oppo] Exit Fastboot Mode on firehose flashing procedure
      • ADD: Support for Official Oppo firmware package (*.ofp) 
      • ADD: .tar.bz2 firmware handling to support official Oppo firmware package
      • BUGFIX: [Oppo] Exit Fastboot Mode revised, now it should works on any known firmware variants
      • BUGFIX: Official Oppo firmware package (*.ofp) for Qualcomm Devices 
      • BUGFIX: Fixed DA handling for MT6750,MT6755(Helio P10),MT6757(Helio P20),MT6795(Helio X10),MT6797(Helio X20) 
      • Vivo MT67xx Devices now supported
      • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


      UFI software latest setup:  (size: 93.6 MB)

      Additional packages:
      UFI_android-mediatek.db-pkg.7z  (size: 99.3 MB)

      UFI_emmc-isp-pictures-pkg.7z  (size: 63.6 MB)

      UFI_android-superuser-pkg.7z  (size: 17 MB)  (size: 116 MB)


      Manual & Tutorial:

      - How To Activate Android ToolBox
      - How To Activate UFIBOX
      - Step-By-Step Installation

      Downloadable Manual
      (size: 4.5 MB)