UFI-UFS Prog - News & Updates


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Mirror Link ISP UFS Pictures File*: GDrive | Mega | Mediafire

NOTE: This UFI- UFS-Prog need to be connected/Plug with the UFI BOX in order to work!!!



UFI Software version
Date: 1st Jan 2022

UFI UFS ToolBox for UFI-UFS Prog release Update.

General changes:
BUGFIX: Revised Dark Mode UI support
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Special Task in Programming Tab
- Update eMMC5x Firmware
Firmware update method for all eMMC 5.x
- Secure Wipe(TRIM, Sanitize)
- [moviNAND] eMMC Full Reset (Reset RPMB, ECC error, Factory Reset)
- [moviNAND] Force boot mode (erase firmware)

BUGFIX: Revised eMMC Fw routine
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

UFS ToolBox changes:
Requires UFI UFS-PROG with firmware version 01.34

Basic features:
To work with UFS ToolBox, UFI Box is required for security
UFS ToolBox license for UFI Box need to be activated once
Activation process requires UFI UFS-PROG to be connected together with UFI Box
Support LS(PWM Gear 1-4) and HS Gear 1-3B
Currently support up-to UFS2.2
Direct(ISP) method work in PWM Gear 1-4
Support for UFS CONFIGURATION (Provisioning)
Basic Wipe, Erase, Read and Write LUN and user partition

ADD: UFS ToolBox activation routine
ADD: UFI UFS-PROG Firmware update routine
ADD: Special Task (Partially implemented)
ADD: Raw LUN and User partition function implemented in PROGRAMMING tab
ADD: FACTORY IMAGE functions revised to work with UFS device

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Recent model selection
ADD: Model list sort improved
BUGFIX: Improved bypass security routine for MediaTek
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


We congratulate and thank UFixers who have purchased and received UFI UFS-Prog.

Please download and install the latest UFI Software v. on the mirror link above.
Extract UFI Software setup file and copy UFI_ufs-isp-pictures-pkg.7z to the same directory.

To install the driver,
please check the "UFI Box and UFI UFS-Prog Driver" checklist during the installation process.

After the software installation process is successful,
please connect the UFI UFS-Prog to the USB port, we recommend connecting it to the USB 3.1 port for maximum speed.

Open Device Manager, make sure the UFI UFS-Prog driver is recognized there.

Now you can open the UFS ToolBox.
The first time the application opens, it will ask you to activate it.
Please click the "Activate UFS ToolBox" button to activate it.
Make sure your PC is connected to the internet during activation.

Wait a while, once activated, the software will restart.

If the application does not open automatically, manually reopen the UFS ToolBox.
Once activated and open, please upgrade the UFI UFS-PROG firmware in the settings menu.
UFS ToolBox requires UFI UFS-PROG with firmware version 01.34 to work properly.

Finally now you can operate UFI UFS ToolBox.
And please read carefully the release notes to understand what features are in the latest UFI software, and adjust them according to your needs.

PAQ (Probably Answers to Questions ;-)

 : What is UFI UFS-Prog?
A : UFI UFS-Prog is an add-on interface to UFI Box for UFS programming.
So its use must be paired with UFI Box, all versions of UFI Box, whether it's black(old) or white(new).

Q : Can UFI UFS-Prog be used for UFI Dongle?
A : No.

Q : Can we use a third party UFS adapter for UFI-UFS Prog?
A : No. Mapping data access pins for each adapter is different.
The UFI UFS-Prog sales package is equipped with a UFI UFS 2 in 1 BGA Adapter for BGA 153 and 254
and has security chip embedded in it.

Q : Does UFI UFS-Prog support ISP?
A : Yes, of course.
The sales package also includes a UFI UFS ISP Plus 3 in 1 Soldering Adapter
with additional soldering pads for BGA 153, 254 and BGA 95.

Q : What about the UFI UFS-Prog Read/Write speed?
A : UFI UFS-Prog Support LS(PWM Gear 1-4) and HS Gear 1-3B.
For UFI UFS Adapter on chip supported HS Gear 3B can be up to 100-200 MBps.
But for safe claims, lets say 120/80 Mbps due to many factor,
like USB host on your PC/Laptop port, data cable quality, also your hard drive interface.
PC/Lapto with NVME/SSD drive will improve read/write speed significantly.
UFI UFS-Prog use USB 3.1 interface, so if your USB port only supports USB 2.0,
the speed will also drop.
For ISP mode with LS PWM an average 4 MBps.

Q : I saw in some leaked images, the chip in the UFI UFS-Prog is used by other products,
some even call it open hardware, is this true?
A : Yes, right.
But don't forget, we use our own custom firmware, hardware and software that we developed ourselves,
of course with special features of UFI Software with an easy-to-understand GUI.
As a simple example, various mobile phone brands can use the same chipset/SoC platform,
but the capabilities and features are certainly different.

Q : Does UFI UFS-Prog support for UFS 3.0?
A : Not for now. Currently supports up to UFS 2.2.
But we'll try to unlock the possibilities by exploring our custom firmware to be able to access UFS 3.0
at least in PWM mode at a later date.
But keep in mind, most smartphones on the market of course still use UFS 2.0-2.2.
Soon we will also release an update for Android ToolBox,
especifically for Mediatek which will be able to access raw binary data directly to UFS as well as eMMC.
So please pray and support us so that we can fulfill your expectations.

Q : So, should we buy UFI UFS-Prog?
A : Yes, if you already have UFI Box, and when you open UFS ToolBox you see a pop up window says "No UFI UFS-PROG Device Detected!". ;-)
UFI UFS-Prog will maximize the functions and features of UFI Box to be able to repair more and recent smartphones,
where most are already using UFS.